Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant

On Father's Day Sunday my wife and I gave Golden Palace a second try after vegetable shopping in chinatown. Golden Palace is known for their steaming dim sum carts, crowds of people and the anticipation of the waitress to come by to serve you more dim sum. lol My wife was so famished that I had to wave down the waitress a few times.

We ordered:

  • pork/shrimp siu mai
  • shrimp dumplings
  • mochi rice with chicken
  • steamed dau si spareribs
  • golden chicken feet
  • rice congee (juk) with pork and 1000 year old egg

This time we didn't have any steamed or baked char siu bao. My wife had her fill of the siu mai choices as I attacked the mochi rice and dau si spareribs. By the time the juk arrived at our table my wife was full so that gave me the opportunity to attack it. :9 mmmmmmm Very warm and filling meal for Sunday brunch.

You can't go wrong for $1.50 a plate of any type of dim sum!! Our bill came out close to about $20 which felt good on the wallet. My wife was satisfied and so was I. There are other dim sum restaurants in chinatown that are better in quality and service but for now Golden Palace is good for us. :9 mmmmm

GOLDEN PALACE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT 111 N. King St. 521-8268. 7 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.

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