Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just Hamburgers and Hotdogs...

Trying out Jensen Meat Co.'s premium ground beef patties we purchased from Sam's Club and Hawaii's favorite brand Redondo's Hawaiian Winners. As you can see in the pix it's just burgers and hotdogs and some assorted vegetables. I was too tired after coming home from work to prepare something gourmet so I peeked into the freezer and pulled some patties, hotdogs, and frozen vegetables to heat up. Everything was pan fried with Pam, fresh cracked blackpepper, Hawaiian salt, and Mrs. Dash. Condiments were catsup, Tabasco, and Aloha Shoyu brand soy sauce. Oops almost forgot the rice! :)

That was it. Time fo kaukau!!

The patties were lean and moist considering it was ground beef sirloin!

Jensen Meat Co.

Redondo's Hawaiian Winners


Pomai said...

I tried Costco's Kirkland Ground Sirloin Burgers. Cost is 14.99 for 18 quarter-pound patties. Pretty good deal. It's best if you throw them on the charcoal in frozen state and let the cooking thaw it out. If you put 'em on in thawed state they overcook and/or fall apart.

Still, nothing can beat THICK hand-made patties!

My biggest peeve is FRIED burgers. Bleck. Gotta' be GRILLED on CHARCOAL!

Reggie said...

sup pomai,

i agree nothing beats homemade ground handmade hamburger patties cooked on an open flame. mo ono and mo juicy!! :)