Thursday, April 19, 2012

Costco Rotisserie Chicken

Ok if you haven't had it before than you must not be living in the US or are living under a rock.  LOL  Nah just joking!!  :D

For $4.99 USD you can't go wrong!!

Costco's Rotisserie Chicken is one of the greatest conveniences.  It can be served "as is " with side dishes such as rice, noodles, burrito wraps, lettuce wraps, vegetables, or salad for a chicken dinner if crunched for time. Or it can be turned into a different meal all together such as chicken enchiladas or chicken pot pie. It can give any dish the taste that you have been working hard in the kitchen!

Once you found the best looking rotisserie chickens, buy several at a time, so you can remove the meat at one sitting, and turn them into several.  If you buy them hot, try and pick them up at the end of your visit to the grocery store, just before you head home.  Once home, remove the meat in a timely fashion so it can be refrigerated or frozen quickly to avoid harmful bacteria or food poisoning.  As with any cooking endeavor, make sure you start with a sharp knife.  It is suggested the knife should be sharpened before each use.

Place the chicken on a clean cutting board breast side up (as it comes in the container from the store). Cut the rubber band tie and remove. Run your knife along the center of the chicken to find the bone.  Slide the knife just off to one side and cut along the bone to loosen the breast from the center bone.  Next run your knife between the leg and the breast meat gently easing it until you feel the bone.  You will be also separating the wing at the same time.  The breast should easily be removed from the bird, and place on the cutting board.  I treat the wing as the cooks treat, as they don't have enough meat to remove for use in other recipes.  Cut the breast into the size you use for your recipes.   Now repeat wth the other side.  Store the meat in a container or resealable bag for storage.  Now gently move the leg at the joint where it connects to the body until it separates.  Repeat with the other leg.  Remove the skin.  The meat comes off easily by using your hands to pull it off the bones for the legs.  Place this meat in the storage container.  Now look at the carcus, and using your hands, pull off any usable meat, especially from the underside.  The carcass can now be used to make chicken stock if you like or can be frozen as to make this chicken stock at a later time.  Or make sure you dispose of it carefully if you are not using it.  If using the meat in the next day or 2, place in the refrigerator. Otherwise it freezes beautifully for future recipes.

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