Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Make Money On Mini-Gigs.com

Mini-Gigs.com is a micro job site where freelancers (that means you) join and offer their services for five bucks up to $100 US dollars. Instead of being hired by one person who pays you a flat rate every two weeks, you perform tasks that you offer to whoever orders your “gig”. If you use Mini-Gigs.com wisely it can serve as a good way to generate supplemental income in addition to your regular 9 to 5 job.

What to offer

To decide what types of jobs you want to do, you first have to know what you are good at. If you’re a good writer, perhaps you can offer an article writing service. Let the buyer choose a topic and you’ll write a 300+ word article that they can then post on their blog. If you’re good with Photoshop you can offer up simple photo editing tasks. Are you an artist? You can draw simple caricatures for five bucks or more technical gigs such as programming etc.


Five bucks doesn’t sound like a lot. But what if it takes you just a few minutes to do the task? Then it becomes worth it. If you have to spend an hour completing the project, it’s just not worth it. Even a job at McDonald's would pay more. Some Mini-Gigs.com gigs I’ve seen revolve around people offering to cartoon-ize your picture. You might think this takes a long time, but actually all they do is put the picture into Photoshop, click a button which performs a series of actions, and voila the resulting image is saved and then sent to you. That’s just an example of a Mini-Gigs.com gig that’s worth it.


The buyer will be charged $5.00 up to $100. But Mini-Gigs.com has to make money of course, so they eat up $1.00 of each $5 transaction or 20%. This leaves you with $4.00. Not so fast, Paypal is the only way to collect money. They want their cut too. In the end, you’ll end up with about $3.92 for every completed Mini-Gigs.com gig. So can you make a real profit on Mini-Gigs.com? The answer is yes, but it is extremely difficult. The only way to do it is to offer a service you can provide quickly that is popular. Of course that is easier said than done. Finding customers is the hard part, but if you provide a good service you’ll get customers coming back and re-ordering from you time after time.

I just setup 2 gigs for $5 recipes!  hehehe  :)

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